Business setup is a very demanding process that involves scores of requirements and formalities that should be prepared and followed up with a wide range of government departments including the Ministry of Economy, the Department of Economic Development (DED), municipalities, the Judiciary Department and notary publics, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as other relevant bodies depending on sector and the type of business.

Taking the right decisions at the setup stage is a key success component. We can help you take these decisions and act as your committed and experienced agent with all departments, every step of the way. The following are but a few of the setup service we provide.

  • Giving industry-related advice on market needs, competition, business model and suitable legal form of your company.
  • Playing the role of a trusted local service agent for new companies,
  • Helping draft, translate and attest your company’s articles of association, powers of attorney, authentications of signature and other legal requirements,
  • Preparing the DED’s necessary documents for trade name booking and registration and for company licensing,
  • Getting approvals for your new license from other government stakeholders (if applicable),
  • Helping with your office rental negotiation/process,
  • Following up on your license until final issue.
  • Assisting you in obtaining the ISO certification

Immigration &
Residence Services

Normalizing the residence in UAE is a complicated, multi-tasked process that involves different departments. For those who don’t have enough experience, the process can take considerable time, effort and costs. A well-versed team, however, can cut all this and

  • Representing your company as your private PR officer
  • Preparing documents for investor/employment visas and following up until final issue.
  • Preparing documents for other kinds of visa (visit, tourist and short assignment visas),
  • Filing for and follow up on all formalities related to immigration, residence and passports (processing, renewal and cancelation of resident visas),
  • Emirates ID processing, renewal and cancelation
  • Health insurance applications follow-up and cards
  • Finalizing all formalities with the Ministry of Labor, including labor quota, labor cards, recruitment, etc.
  • Receiving new employees/laborers upon arrival and following up on their work permits, medical check-up, employment residence and final settlement.


  • contracting companies
  • contractor classification
  • Tawtheeq services
  • HSE compliance issues
  • public health, etc.


For all kinds of health related activities like the accreditation of healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses, the pharmaceutical industry approvals, classification and specifications of healthcare facilities, etc.


As employee insurance has become obligatory in the UAE, it is vital for businesses to find the best cost-effective corporate policy available in the market. Here we can help with our extensive knowledge and relations with the insurance market leaders.

Telecommunications and
utility services

Every business has to deal with the telecommunication companies (Etisalat and Du), as well as water and electricity companies. We can follow up with these companies to set up your accounts and even streamline utility payment process.

Culture and
tourism authorities

These are mandated to supervise and/or approve certain activities and businesses in the culture and tourism sector.

Food control

In the food and beverage sector, the UAE food control authorities have their own requirements in terms of food safety, hygiene and public health.

Civil defense

Every business in the UAE should get a civil defense certificate to show compliance with the health and safety requirements, firefighting preparedness and safe workplace. Regular inspection is carried out to ensure such compliance.


All business have their legal aspects that need to be well prepared and followed up. These include services like drafting legal documents, articles of association, power of attorney, authentication of signature, legal translation, attestations, etc.

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